The Sampler

Naturally Charleston Samplers of All Four Products

The Sampler


This combo pack of 2 oz. bottles is a perfect and economical way to try out all four products, or to pack when traveling with carry-on luggage, or else to purchase as a gift package. For details on each product, please read about them in the individual bottle descriptions.


The Sampler- Combination pack of 2 oz. bottles.

  • Insect Repellent
  • Skin Smoother
  • Skin Soother
  • Insect block for dogs


  •  Soybean oil
  •  distilled water
  •  alcohol
  •  neem
  •  cedarwood
  •  lemongrass
  •  citronella
  •  tea tree
  •  patchouli
  •  geranium
  •  palmarosa
  •  rosemary
  •   and more..