Thank you all for your kind comments !!!!

We love your products! We keep an Evada-Bug at the front door, one at the back      Testimonial-NaturalCharlest
door and one in the car. The children carry their  “mosquito bottle” to their
sporting events too. I’m happy your  products are now sold by Whole Foods
Market since they are so  close to our home.
Bridgette B.

I tested your tanning oil “Hot Rex” two weekends in a row because  I thought my
first test was a mistake. I tried several popular SPF suncare products on different
parts of my body and I couldn’t  believe that I didn’t burn with your natural product
but I did  have some amount of burn with all the rest. It was unbelievable!
Rick V.

My family and I were introduced to Evada-Bug by a kayak tour guide at Edisto. Just wanted to thank you for making such an awesome repellent formula. Evada-Bug is THE BOMB! Can’t wait to try your other products!!!
David D.

My daughter forgot to take sunscreen on the boat and was pretty burned upon her return. Just one application of “Cool Rex after-sun-relief” and she was feeling so much better! Not only was the pain of the burn relieved but the bright red color diminished. She was able to sleep comfortably.
Missy W.

Did you know that Evada-Bug works on fire ant bites??? We carry Evada-Bug at our restaurant for the outdoor diners and we also use it at home. Both of us recently were bitten by fire ants and grabbed the Evada-Bug bottle because we didn’t know what else to do. If you’ve ever been bitten you know how painful and itchy it is. Evada-Bug went to work right away and we didn’t suffer for a week like everyone else did!
Thanks, Lisa and Doug W.

“Cool Rex” is my new companion. Thank you for making a product that took care of me when I spent too much time on the slopes and also for when I got back and burned myself on the fondue pot! It’s amazing stuff.
Bethany K.

Thank you
Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for producing such wonderful products. I’ve enjoyed them all. They are stellar!
Stephanie W.

“Rudy’s Repellent” rocks!!! , so say my dogs.
John M., “Rex and Suzi”

Your products have become so popular and in such demand at our marina’s ship’s store, that I stopped ordering from the competition. You are a pleasure to do business with. Thank you.
Dan W.

I can’t live without my “Hot Rex” even though I do not spend any time on our beach. It is such a fantastic moisturizer and has taken years off my skin. (Friends asked me what the secret is.) Thank you so much!
Mrs. M.

Just wanted to let you know how happy my dogs and I are with “Rudy’s Repellent.” We all use it to keep the bugs away during our forest explorations, not to mention how good it smells, like the forest itself!
Mary B.