Cool Rex Skin Soother

Naturally Charleston Cool Rex Skin Soother

Cool Rex Skin Soother

$5.99 (2 oz) – $9.49 (4 oz)

After Sun, Wind, Cold Relief

Nothing is as soothing to skin that has been stressed by the elements as our COOL REX™ formula. Produced from a blend of seven botanical oils with additional healing essential oils of lavender, tea tree and calendula, COOL REX™ contains no mineral oil or chemicals.

Instant natural relief from your sunburn, windburn or chapped skin in just one application.



Cool Rex All Purpose Skin Soother

  • provides relief from too much sun, wind, and cold
  • soothes itchy, dry, and chapped skin
  • cools and calms irritation
  • a blend of all-natural botanical oils


  • Plants oils of sunflower
  •  rice bran
  •  safflower
  •  sesame
  •  aloe vera
  •  shea
  •  jojoba
  •  palmarosa
  •  tea tree
  •  lavender
  •  calendula
  •  vitamin E
  •  natural fragrance

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Sizes : 2 oz, 4 oz