About Us


Naturally Charleston™ company founders share many years of experience in both theAbout Naturally Charleston
conventional pharmaceutical and the natural sciences industries. An American natural
products formulator and a European chemist/engineer have collaborated to bring you
the best of both worlds. We are committed to formulating and marketing top quality
natural products that are carefully researched, safe for the environment, gentle and
affordable. We do not test on animals.

Our products are all botanically based, using only the finest natural ingredients.

Our formulas contain  NO:
-artificial preservatives/colorings
-petroleum derivatives



Naturally Charleston™’s Founder earned degrees in Tropical Agronomy, Chemical Engineering and an MBA from USC Moore  School of Business. He has held management positions with Abbott Laboratories and Wyeth/Pfizer where he applied his extensive  expertise in EPA, FDA and cGMP compliance issues to manage major international engineering projects in the design and scale-up  of global pharmaceutical facilities. Ino’s experience includes studies, residency and projects in the U.S., Africa, the Netherlands,  Germany, Puerto Rico and Indonesia.



Naturally Charleston™’s Founder Pamela brings to the Company her broad knowledge of botanical remedies and natural herbal  treatments. Inspired many years ago to heal “Greta,” a sick and homeless dog, Pamela pursued her passion and has studied with  some of the great physicians,  herbalists, homeopaths and authors of our time. Included are Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, M.D. at the  World Health and Healing Collaborative in Berkeley, Dr. Alan Tillotson, PhD in Integrative Medicine, Matthew Wood (RH, AHG),  David Winston, (RH, AHG) and Dr. C. Edgar Sheaffer, DVM/Homeopath. She has also completed intensive course work through  the National Center for Homeopathy held at Johns Hopkins.



– Vice President

Max Khadge

– Business and Technical Consultant